Founded in 2017 by Horacio Cruz, Weston Capital Group is a branded real estate development and investment firm with offices in Amsterdam, Miami, Sao Paulo, and Lisbon, and with presence through its partnerships in New York, London, Luxembourg, Munich, and Madrid.

  • Horacio Cruz started in the world of real estate development and investment in 2002 with IMOFUNDOS, a Portuguese Real Estate Fund Manager that went from 300 million EUR of assets under management (AUM) in 2002 to 1,3 billion EUR of AUM in 2007, during which Horacio Cruz was responsible for the development of several projects in Portugal, participating in residential, office, retail and logistics projects using the capital raised by the real estate Funds.
  • In 2008 Horacio Cruz joined Banif Investment Bank, being responsible for the coordination of a team of Fund managers and asset managers, with a total of 850 million AUM at its peak. During this time Horacio Cruz supervised the development of all real estate projects owned by the Funds, including residential, retail, offices, and logistics.
  • In 2012 Horacio Cruz was appointed as Manager of all the international real estate companies of the Banif Group, adding relevant projects in Brazil and the USA.
In 2017

Partner with some of the most relevant players

Horacio Cruz formed Weston Capital Group and decided to partner with some of the most relevant players in each of the markets where it is present. Some of its partners include local developers, lawyers, architects, engineers, accounting firms, real estate brokers, etc.

Local Developers




Accounting Firms

Real Estate Brokers